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Keystone Innovation Zone

About Greater Reading
Keystone Innovation Zone

The Greater Reading Keystone Innovation Zone fosters local job growth by aiding entrepreneurs, newly formed startup companies, and mature companies identify and capitalize on new ideas and opportunities.

The program creates a "knowledge neighborhood" in which educational institutions, economic developers, businesses, capital sources, and community leaders can connect with one another quickly and effectively to provide a network of support and resources. This program ensures that Pennsylvania's ideas continue to be developed into positive economic activity.

Goals of the GRKIZ

  • Create Jobs
  • Assist new company startups
  • Promote the entrepreneurial culture of our community
  • Increase the number of local internships for college students
  • Increase the number of filings for patents, licenses, trademarks, and trade secrets in the region
  • Increase the number of new jobs and companies created by the transfer of technology and research to the private sector
  • Create strong partnerships between university faculty and the business community
If you are looking for information to participate in the GRKIZ, please contact Gail Landis at 610.898.7773 or send an email to

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